Kieran Lad

project manager, producer, technical lead

about me

I'm Kieran Lad, an award winning producer, technical manager and developer with over 5 years of experience in Digital Interactive Video Advertising. I'm a completionist and problem solver with a wide skill set and a technical background. I'm incredibly passionate about driving projects forward and creating highly efficient and collaborative teams.

I have worked with globally recognised companies/brands such as Mars, Verizon and Reckitt Benckiser in creating digital interactive advertising content that is engaging and innovative.

I'm based in London and currently seeking a role in either Games or Advertising to grow as a developer and producer of interactive digital media.

who i've worked with

Reckitt BenckiserHavas Worldwide
Verizon WirelessMoxie Interactive
Verizon FiOSUniversal McCann
UnileverAd Asia
KawasakiCommon Ground
H&MLopez Negrete
Universal PicturesHulu



I discovered my passion for computing during my college days at Wyggeston & Queen Elizabeth I College in Leicester.
Undergrad BSc

I completed a 4 year BSc in Computer Science at the University of Kent in Cantebury. Time for work... maybe not quite yet.
Post-grad MSc

Working at Starbucks to pay the rent I completed an MSc in Computer Games & Entertainment at Goldsmiths College, University of London... now I'm ready for the real world!

My first real job out of education; I worked for Telemetry as a developer of Interactive Adverts, programming in ActionScript 2.0 HTML & JS.

I became technical lead of the Media Production Team at Telemetry and became heavily involved in the production and team management of hundreds of Interactive Ads.

Having become a subsidiary of Telemetry from our multiple successes, Oliv (formerly the Media Production team) moved into new offices and my remit widened as we set about growing our own client base.

I obtained my PSM 1 certification (Profession Scrum Master 1) from View the certificate

Looking for a new position within the games or advertising industry to follow my passion for digital interactivity.
I was Born!

Kieran Lad (that's me) was born! Huzzah!
Many Years

Pretty standard really...
I met the love of my life

Met my wife to be in a blaze of alcohol and debauchery, just as all good relationships should start.
Adopted Martin

We adopted our little fluff ball of a bunny called Martin - you can see him doing a James Bond impression in the gallery.
Moved to London

In pursuit of the London life we moved to London in 2008.
Bought a London Flat

Having saved like mad over several years (and with a little help) we bought our wonderful flat.
Got Married

The alcohol and debauched blaze of passion still rumbles on 10 years since it started. Time to tie the knot.

what i do

I've worked in online interactive video advertising for the past 5 years as a developer, a senior programmer, a project manager, producer and client services executive.

In my non-work life (aka my not-so-spare-time) I swim, run, make games, rock climb, photograph pretty things and bake bread. You can check out some of my photography below in the gallery.

There are a plethora of projects that I've worked on over the years, some commercial and some just for fun. Examples below...

work i've done

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If you have an exciting opportunity that you think could require my skills please get in touch!